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Lloyd TKD Schools are committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for juniors under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults, by enforcing the clear and comprehensive British Taekwondo Council Child Protection Policy.




1.  CRB Checking

2.  Insurance

3.  Child Protection Policy

4.  Photography

5.  Child Care

6.  Child Protection Contacts


Criminal Records Bureau Checking


All Lloyd TKD School Instructors are CRB checked. For more information about CRB Checking contact Mrs Sue Lloyd 4th Degree or Heart of England Chairman Master Gary Bradshaw.




All Lloyd TKD School Instructors and Students are fully insured for Martial Arts. For more information on insurance contact Mrs Sue Lloyd 4th Degree or Heart of England Chairman Master Gary Bradshaw 7th Degree.


Child Protection Policy


Lloyd TKD Schools are members of the Heart of England-ITF Taekwon-Do Association and UITF Taekwon do Association. As such they comply with the Child Protection Policies and Procedures of both these organisations. All Lloyd School Students and Instructors agree by their membership of Lloyd Schools to abide by those Policies and Procedures. Any one found to be in breach of the Policies and Procedures will be liable to full investigation and may be subject to expulsion from both Lloyd Taekwon-do Schools and Heart of England-ITF Taekwon-Do Association .


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The taking of photographs and video footage at Lloyd TKD Schools training sessions is prohibited without the specific permission of the Instructor and Parents and / or Guardians of all Juniors likely to appear in any of the photos or footage recorded. The use of any images or footage for which permission has been obtained must not appear in any publication or web-based format in which the children photographed or videoed are identified. Anyone taking photographs or video footage without permission will be asked to delete the images. If a Parent, Guardian, Assistant or any other person has any concerns about issues of unauthorised or inappropriate photography they should report / discuss this with the Instructor who will take appropriate action. Parents and / or Guardians should be aware that competitions and demonstration events are considered to be open forum events and that photography is likely to be unrestricted.


Child Care


Lloyd Taekwon-do and Junior Taekwon-do classes are not Child Care facilities. Parents who leave their children whilst the training session is in progress must to return promptly at the end of the class to collect their children .




Parents need to understand that, although all reasonably practical measures will be taken to ensure the safety and protection of their children, the ultimate responsibility remains with them. Students and Instructors are not permitted under the Lloyd School and Heart of England ITF Child Protection Policies to supervise juniors outside of the Training Hall and neither are they insured to do so.


Parents should, wherever possible, remain on hand during training to supervise changing room and toilet visits.


Junior Taekwon-do


It is an essential requirement of the Child Protection Policy that Parents, Guardians or Carers of Junior TKD Students remain within the teaching room whilst their child is training. It is not acceptable for a Junior TKD Student to be dropped off at training and left unsupervised.


For more information regarding the Child Protection Policy please email Ms Sue Lloyd 4th Degree at lloyd.tkd@btinternet.com


In the event that a parent, guardian or student has any enquiries or concerns regarding the policy or issues relating to Child Protection then these enquiries can be directed to the persons listed below in the sequence listed.

Lloyd TKD Schools Child Protection Officer - Ms Sue Lloyd - 4thDegree

Heart of England-ITF Chairman & Child Protection Officer - Master Gary Bradshaw - 7th Degree

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